Saturday, 20 October 2007

TV-Links replacements

I thought that for the first entry in my blog I would post something that is usefull to other people rather than a boring intro about myself (maybe I'll do that later hah!).

As we all know the nazi's have grabbed the TV-Links owner on Thursday and have/are probably threatening him with all sorts of nasty things if he doesn't admit he's a terrorist. Really, shouldn't the police be out stopping murderers and armed robbers rather than raiding some kid's home for a website?

Anyway, I've decided to give a list of what i consider to be the best TV link sites around, that is, sites where you can go find your favorite episode of Lost, Buffy or 24. I simply don't have the time to trawl through YouTube, DailyMotion or Guba for shows or movies so it's a godsend that the sites below exist. The list below is just my personal favorites, I'm sure you have your own and if so let me know, the more sites the better! Anyway without further ado......

These guys are without a doubt my favorite and that's saying something when I only found it a week ago. It's basically a clone of tv-links but with a few nice additions. I love the way I can subscribe to any channel or show via RSS which makes it easier to keep track of my fav shows. At time of writing they have *14,712* tv episodes. The site is in beta right now but personally I haven't come across 1 bug yet. The only drawback of this site is that the community is non-existent but I suppose that will change as the site becomes better known.

Alluc used to be so sloooowwwwwww but they seem to have upgraded their server and now theyre nippy as hell. They have a nice crowd there and you rarely get dead links as they're on top.

**The rest below I won't comment on because if I'm honest STC and Alluc gives me what I need so I don't go need much else. If anyone would like to comment about the ones below though I would be happy to edit to show people's thoughts.

Hope this helps some people, happy viewing!


COMMENTS - I have had to disable comments for this article as someone named an owner of another site who he had a beef with. I dunno if this guy was talking truth or just a troll but I cant take the chance that my blog would be responsible for someon else getting arrested as well. I think that behaviour is real bad news. Guess I just got dropped in at the deep end with my first blog post!